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The Adverb: General information

stasya | 21.02.2012 | 1

The adverb is an unchangable part of speech that defines means of action, state or other means.

Unlike other independent parts of speech (e.g. the noun or adjective) the adverb does not have genders, declensions, singular or plural forms.

Adverbs are created by changing other parts of speech like nouns, adjectives and pronouns.

For example:

ніч (night) — вночі (at night): noun — adverb

швидкий (quick) — швидко (quickly): adjective — adverb

мій (my) — по-моєму (roughly means "as for me"): pronoun — adverb

Adverbs can be divided in two main groups:

  1. Adverbs of quality, quantity and manner.

  2. Adverbs of time, place, intention and cause.

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The Adjective: Degrees of comparison

stasya | 09.02.2012 | 0

Ukrainian adjectives have two degrees of comparison: comparative and superlative. Every degree has as well two forms: simple and hard.

First of all I would like to note that for beginners or even more advanced Ukrainian speakers the "simple" form is actually more difficult to understand and learn than the "hard" form. So feel free to use the easiest form because they both are interchangeable, though we prefer to use "hard" form with more abstract or relative adjectives.

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