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The Verb: General Information

stasya | 19.11.2012 | 0

The verb (дієслово /dijɛslowo/) — is a part of speech which describes the state or action of an object. It answers the questions: що робити?/що зробити? (what to do?).

Ukrainian verbs have such grammatical forms:

  1. Infinitive.

  2. Finite verbs.

  3. Adjectival participle.

  4. Adverbial participle.

  5. Non-finite verbs.

Ukrainian verbs have such grammatical categories:

  • Aspect: perfective and imperfective.

  • Transivity: transitive and intransitive verbs.

  • Voice: active, passive and reflexive-middle.

  • Mood: indicative, subjunctive and imperative.

  • Tense: past, present and future.

  • Person: first, second and third.

  • Number: singular and plural.

  • Gender: masculine, feminine and neuter.

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