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The Noun: Declensions

stasya | 26.01.2011 | 0

From the previous article you have found out more about cases and their main points, so the next question you would probably ask is:

How to change the nouns according to the cases?

Well, for this purpose there are four declensions. Declensions are actually groups of nouns gathered due to their specific endings and genders. The first and the second declension also are divided into three different groups: hard, soft and mixed.

It looks like this:

  1. I declension

    • hard group

    • soft group

    • mixed group

  2. II declension

    • hard group

    • soft group

    • mixed group

  3. III declension

  4. IV declension

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Introduction to Ukrainian language

stasya | 20.01.2011 | 8

The first thing one should start from, when learning a new language, is the alphabet.

Knowing the letters and sounds you will encounter during your long journey sure is useful and helps a lot with learning new words.

Once you have mastered the alphabet consider yourself officially in!

To be serious I find it really hard for English-speaking (or people whose native language is based on Latin alphabet) people to actually understand and “see” Cyrillic letters. Very often they confuse letters like “b” and “ь” or “R” and “Я” or “n” and “п” etc., which leads to some sort of mutant words. Can't say I can blame them, but if you want to study well and understand what you're studying you shouldn't mix the letters thus preventing the mess in your head and other people's heads.

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