When to use "try" , "tryokh", "troye" for a group of 3 things

ukeemom | 01.10.2015 | 0

Hi Stasya,

I am new to your site. I consider myself fluent in Ukrainian because of going to RIdna Shkola for 11 years, and growing up with the maternal side of my family - speaking Ukrainian to my elders, and being active in a Ukrainian community. So, I can read, write and converse in Ukrainian. Sadly, I feel my grammar is not as good as it should and could be because the finer points of grammer did not really "click" for me until I was in highschool. By that point, even in Ridna Shkola , the teachers expected that we already had that stuff learned by heart. They just made lots of red pen corrections on my essays and gave me a lower grade instead of seeing that I needed some more help/review. (I do not have Ukrainian language on the computer that I am using to ask this question, my apologies again.)

I was just texting something to my daughter, regarding a "three family night" that we have once a month with two other families we know. When are these three different forms of "three" used? I wrote "vechir tryokh rodyn" in my text but now I am second-guessing myself. Please help me set a good example for my daughter! Serdechno dyakuyu!


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