st91 | 04.05.2011 | 1
Why, on your explanation of this, is a sentence about a high chair inanimate, while one about a high building IS animate? I think it was 'ya ne bachu tut visokih budovel'. 'meni potriben visokiy stil'. (:x
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stasya | 10.05.2011 | #

Well, it works for most of the cases. -ого, -ього and -их, -іх endings can be used for both animate and inanimate, but more often for animate.

You may say: "Я не бачу високих будівель",

as well as: "Я не бачу високі будівлі".

They both are grammatically correct and mean the same thing.

Thanks for asking, I'll add this to the article :)