The Numeral: General Information

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Numerals are devided into cardinals (cardinal numerals) and ordinals (ordinal numerals).

In turn cardinals are divided into:

  • basic cardinals: нуль (zero), один (one), два (two), три (three), чотирнадцять (fourteen), сто десять (hundred and ten), тисяча (thousand) etc.

  • fractions: одна шоста (1/6), дві сьомих (2/7), пів (half), півтора (one and a half) etc.

  • assembled: двоє (two), четверо (four), п'ятеро (five) etc.

  • undesignated cardinals: багато (many/much), мало (few/little), кілька (few/little) etc.

Ordinal numerals are formed by adding endings -ий/ій, -а/я, -е/є, to the corresponding cardinal numerals depending on the gender and number, which makes them look like adjectives of hard and soft groups.

For example:

дванадцять (twelve) + ий = дванадцятий (twelfth): masculine, singular;

дванадцять (12) + а = дванадцята (12th): feminine , singular;

дванадцять (12) + е = дванадцяте (12th): neuter , singular;

дванадцять (12) + і = дванадцяті (12th): plural.

Overall numerals can be:

  • simple numerals with one radical: один (1), три (2), сто (100), перший (first);

  • complex numerals with two or more radicals: одинадцять (11), п'ятнадцять (15);

  • composite numerals which consist of two or more simple or complex numerals: сто двадцять (120), триста сорок (340).


  1. Cardinal numerals change according to cases but do not have genders.

    Exceptions are:

    one - один (masculine), одна (feminine), одне (neuter), одні (plural);

    two - два (masculine, neuter), дві (feminine);

    both - обидва (masculine, neuter), обидві (feminine);

    one and a half - півтора (masculine, neuter), півтори (feminine).

  2. Some assembled cardinals have the same translation as the basic cardinals (e.g. два, двоє — two) but are for the most part used with nouns portraying living beings and nouns which have only plural form.

    For example:

    четверо хлопців (four boys), семеро ягнят (seven lambs), троє дівчат (three girls);

    восьмеро ножиць (eight scissors), троє дверей (three doors):

    ножиці (scissors), двері (doors) in Ukrainian language have only plural forms.

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